The Corporate Law Group

Money Thoughts

Pursuing money is OK. We all do it every day because we need to eat. It is a great motivator. But who wants to work with anyone who values the money we pay them, more than they value us? We don’t. And we don’t know anyone who does.

We all need some money. But we need meaning and purpose more than money. Happiness Economists say that after you pass a certain income threshold where your needs are met, more money doesn’t mean more happiness. In fact the stories about money bringing problems are legion. And too often quite true.

We don’t know anyone who has been successful who did it primarily for the money. Really creative people are motivated by the purpose in what they are doing more than the money. If you love something, and others find it useful, and you work really hard at it, the money usually takes care of itself. Have some work to do? Respect the work. Work hard. Do a good job.

Gaining money should always come by providing a benefit, or services, or selling a product, to a brother to make their life better. All other causes are really unjust and improper. And receiving money should be met with a spirit of thanksgiving because we have an opportunity to serve someone, and an urge to generosity to take care of those around us. And of course don’t trick or defraud or take advantage. “The love of money is the root of all evil.” 1 Timothy 6:10.

How can we show respect and appreciation? Use your money to treat others as you’d want to be treated. Hire, tip, invest, pay, retain, etc. with your own money. Tangibly thank folks for a job well done. You’ll make their day.