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We were glad to see UBL dead but we questioned a TV news crawl that said that he had been “brought to justice.” When discussing with a FOTB (Friend of the Buzz), he pointed out that justice is the absence of injustice and once an injustice has occurred there is no justice, only things like vengeance. To whose justice had UBL been brought? Well, they say that the victors write the history books. But why not question those history book writers to keep them honest? We’re as glad as anyone to see UBL dead, but he was apparently shot in the head; not brought to some mythical justice. He certainly worked hard to deserve being shot in the head and he certainly did deserved to be shot in the head. But honest reporting would report that he had been shot in the head because we were mad at him for running the group that flew planes into buildings killing thousands of innocent people. It just sounds more straightforward. Why do we have to dress it up so that we can feel good about “bringing him to justice,” when what we did was kill him.

— Paul Marotta

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