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Great Time to Be Alive

Alive PicEach age has its own innovations, advances, and technological miracles. The 1700’s brought us bifocal glasses from Benjamin Franklin, the cotton gin from Eli Whitney, the piano, time zones, mayonnaise (to the horror of at least one Buzz daughter), and the sandwich. The 1800’s came with braille, the can (fortunately with the can opener or it wouldn’t have been much of a breakthrough), pasteurization, the sewing machine, the saxophone, and the telephone from Bell (Al, not Ma), basketball, blue jeans, and the elevator break (elevators were death traps before that useful tool). The early 1900’s blessed us with adhesive tape and the ball point pen, as well as some other cool stuff like, you know, the airplane and mass produced cars.

Well, we’d argue that we are in a time of great transition and that there is massive opportunity right now. We love the business opportunities available today in 3D printers, crypto currency, the wisdom of crowds, cannabis, and drones. And there’s much more coming. We’re optimistic that if we can get the political class out of our way, and free up the creativity of all of us expressed through markets, there is almost nothing we won’t be able to solve. Things can get much much better. “They” have said for a long time that change is accelerating. If true that means that the arrival of more cool stuff will be faster and faster. But, it is also said that business starts have been slowing for decades. We need thousands of business starts in order to help us find that new cool stuff, so slowing business starts is a real shame. We are all much poorer for it. Much more to come on this theme. For now, dust off your business plan to deliver bitcoin processors, by drone, to cannabis stores, and call us. We’ll help you start right.