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What did you learn at Law School?

Apparently two former students at Texas Southern University Thurgood Marshall School of Law have sued over bad grades.  They claim they were kicked out of law school because their Contracts II professor gave them unfairly low grades.  The students each got a D.  Law Professors make mistakes like anyone.  The Buzz remembers a litigation class in which we drafted an “essential services of government” bill (which was quite short).  The Prof had told us the bill would be 70% of our grade and a final 30%.  But he then flipped the two weights later, claiming later that he had made clear the final would be 70% and the bill 30%.  The Buzz had gotten “A’s” on both and didn’t care but, it mattered to several fellow students, and we came to their rescue.  The two litigants mentioned above say they were both devastated by their grade, and claim the grades were designed to “curve them out of law school.”  They both had gpa’s below 2.0 and could not continue.  Of course, with gpa’s hovering around 2.0 we have some sympathy for the law school; you have to draw the line somewhere.  But what do you call the person who graduates last in their medical school class?…  Doctor.  All that said, we are not defenders of the “legal industry guild,” the bar, and would open up the practice of law.  After all, we’ve run into enough really poor lawyers to make an argument that the bar offers little protection to consumers of legal services.  
Paul Marotta

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