The Corporate Law Group

Welcome to 2019

Random musings on starting a New Year. No resolutions. Just sharing a few things that interested us in 2018. Hit the links that interest you. 

My brother suggested that the Kingkiller Chronicle by Patrick Rothfuss was the best fantasy saga he’d ever read. The first two books, Name of the Wind, and The Wise Man’s Fear were pretty good. Everyone is still waiting for book three. 

Recently rediscovered Nadia by Jeff Beck. You can see it here, live at London jazz club Ronnie Scott’s with Aussie Tal Wilkenfeld on bass and monster Vinnie Colaiuta on drums. 

Enjoyed the data at for a long time. (The US Industrial Production Index is up 3.9% year-on-year). Recently discovered Visual Capitalist. Very interesting business, economic, investing, and social graphics. Here’s some info on patent filings. (Spoiler: Samsung is winning).

Finally got to The Gulag Archipelago by Alexander Solzhenitsynand non-fiction  The Road to Wigan Pier by George Orwell about British coal miners in the early Twentieth Century. Wigan Pier was interesting despite its seeming defense of socialism. Orwell’s only mistake was to believe that socialist states would not devolve into the authoritarianism he hated. 

Got back into music with old friends Paul Strom and Steve Richards. Joined by daughter Rebekah on trumpet and new friends Mike Vargo and Laurie Winestock. Great musicians, all. We play all original  jazz fusion. If there’s a better way to limit the size of any interested audience I don’t know what it is. No links yet. Stay tuned. 

Did an Eastern Europe drive through Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Hungary (starting in Berlin) with my best friend and better half. Themes included the National Socialist Holocaust and its death camps and Soviet Socialist Republic oppression and starvation. Went well with The Gulag Archipelago. Movies The Zoo Keepers Wife and Queen Latifa’s Last Holiday had a role. Love the Poles, who tried to fight all of it. Checked out Karl Marx’s plaque outside the  Grandhotel Pupp in Karlovy Vary. Marx must have stayed there in luxury to rejuvenate from his intense battles on behalf of the prols. Anyone still interested in any form of socialism should figure out the source of our prosperity. (Hint: It ‘aint the government). 

Enjoyed finding out more about AEI head Arthur Brooks (who announced he is stepping down). He is passionate about using markets and free enterprise to cure poverty and create prosperity. Brooks left high school to play French horn professionally and got his education distance style for the most part (Piled Higher and Deeper from RAND).

Little known fact: Nearly  1,100,000,000 fewer people were in extreme poverty in 2015 than in 1990. Governments didn’t do that; free markets did. The best definition of foreign aid I’ve ever heard is taking money from poor people in rich countries and giving it to rich people in poor countries. Think I’m wrong? Read Dead Aid by Dambisa Moyo.   

Being a lifetime comic book fanatic, Avengers Infinity War was the year’s fav, provoking not one, but two family wide T shirt gifts. Join us at the Avengers marathons leading up to End Game. Excelsior, Stan. We’ll miss you. 

Enjoyed spending time with two grandbabies. No links. 

For King and Country dropped a new album and it’s joyful. 

Both the San Jose Earthquakes and the USC football team failed to make the post season so not a lot going on in Sports.

TCLG clients closed financings, hired, filed periodic reports, merged, licensed, grew, etc. A great year for our clients disrupting, creating, making all of our lives better in hundreds of ways!! We love the people we have the privilege of working with.

 If we have one goal, wish, resolution for 2019 it is that we will always operate out of love, grace, and kindness, with a recognition that we all share so much in common, eclipsing the shallow, insignificant bits that divide us. Peace!