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uniqueThat’s what you are. Unique. Not in the platitudinous sense of, “Gee; we’re all special.” Not as a banality, but as a deep reality. And, guess what? So is every other person. Too often we treat people as part of this or that group. That’s the definition of prejudice. Pre-judging. Not treating people as unique; as individuals. Not treating them as them.

With a business pre-judging your market can be fatal. And you want uniqueness in your business. You want a unique product, distributed in a unique way. The Buzz thought it was crazy when AOL gave away their software for free. At the time, everyone else charged for software. But it worked and AOL grew huge.

The world wants to put us in a box. It’s easier to pre-judge us then. Greg Gutfeld says that if he knows two things about you and can guess a third, he finds you one dimensional; boring. We wrote here about music recently. With music it doesn’t matter if you can speak the same verbal language. You know that you share a tonal language. Two people with completely different world views and cultures can speak together through music. It’s that way with everything. We share much more things than those few that separate us.

If you’ve got something to offer, offer it to everyone. Try hard to make it useful to everyone. Don’t assume that some market segment doesn’t want it. Thousands of restaurants have introduced us to great food from ‘back home’ that we’d never otherwise have a chance to try.

Just because you’re a guy doesn’t mean that you enjoy sports. You may look like you’re from India but have never been there and have no inclination to go. Just because you’re tatted and pierced doesn’t mean you aren’t a banker, pastor, or lawyer. (Well tatted might mean you’re a lawyer).

Don’t assume anything. Everyone’s unique. Don’t pre-judge anyone. Treat everyone as a unique person because they are, in fact, unique.