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The US Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency (aptly named “ICE” by Washington’s acronym-addicts) is prosecuting an HR employee at Swift & Co., a beef processor, for “harboring an illegal alien.” Apparently ICE raided a slaughterhouse, wired a scared illegal and recorded his conversations with the HR Administrator. The same human compassion that gets politicians elected, got the HR Administrator prosecuted. And not only prosecuted, but prosecuted by the same federal government that cannot keep a border any tighter than Swiss cheese. Apparently the fact that people are regularly sneaking into our country by the millions is the fault of those trying to run businesses here; not the government’s. ICE made 863 criminal arrests in 2007, up from 176 arrests in 2006. The federal government believes that the 12 million people they already let into this country are supposed to either starve or be fed in public schools. Or maybe they can all turn to crime since they can’t get jobs anymore. That’s a good idea! The government believes that only it can help those it carelessly let in. And the workers who are caught make perfect snitches; they would much rather turn in everyone above them than face the consequences of their illegal status. We think this smells like entrapment: Let’s place hundreds of workers willing to do the job in front of you and then see how good you are at guessing which of our federally-issued social security cards are real and which are fake. Sounds like a good political solution to us; those stumbling over each other to be elected President can blame the “evil profit motive” for all of immigrations ills. It couldn’t possibly be more endless bureaucratic ineptitude; could it?
Paul Marotta

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