The Corporate Law Group

Competitive Enterprise Socialism

In 2020 we will be promoting Competitive Enterprise Socialism.  What is it, you ask?  Good question.  It’s where the means of production are owned by whomever creates them and then those owners of the means of production compete with each other to see who can create the best product or service, which we then vote to the top by purchasing.  Society is served best by that competition.

How does it differ from the very popular Democratic Socialism?  Well, Democratic Socialism is pretty cool, we admit.  With Democratic Socialism you get to appoint someone, usually a politician who has the extremely useful skill of giving speeches, to divide up other people’s stuff among all of us.  That’s cool right?  As long as you don’t produce more than you need.  Then they might come for your stuff too.  Boy that would suck.

“Well, No!” you say?  With Democratic Socialism everyone gets to vote first.  It’s totally fair.  Well, it’s at least as fair as two wolves and a sheep voting on what to have for dinner.  And it’s totally too hard to go take their stuff yourself.  After all, that’s stealing.  So you need the government folks (who should be the only ones with guns) to do it for you!

And why shouldn’t the government have all the stuff?  They keep telling us that the government is ALL OF US.  Though I have to admit, when everyone got bailed out in 2008, I got squat.  How’d you do then?  Still, the government seems to take, and waste, more than what gets sent to my neighbor too.  But still, who else than the government should take other people’s stuff?  The reason the government wiped out the mob is that it doesn’t like competition.

OK, but isn’t, “Competitive Enterprise Socialism,” just another way of saying, “Capitalism”? 


But I ask you, whose society has been better served by its economic system over the last 100 years? 

Ethiopia which has never been colonized?

Or the United States which used to be a colony?