The Corporate Law Group

Our Philosophy

Relationship Lawyering

Creativity in Practice

We partner with our clients. When we know you well we are at our most efficient in helping you. And we love figuring out how to do something that initially seems undoable. It’s easy for a lawyer to say “no.” It’s harder to figure out the right path to “yes.” Our practice is focused on corporate law but we can also help you find specialists in areas that we don’t practice. And while we are lawyers, we’ve done this a long time and have seen a myriad of business dilemmas and opportunities and will not shrink from giving you our thoughts about the issues you face.

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Creativity in Fees

We are willing to be as creative in fees as you want. We can arrange for flat fees, capped fees, monthly retainers, bitcoin, codfish, bullion, and anything else that allows us to make a living while helping you grow. We sometimes defer fees, take stock, invest, and everything else you can imagine. Our fees should not be a disincentive to you getting the advice and counsel that you need. We want you to have access to experienced legal services on an as needed basis as if you had in-house general counsel sitting in the office next door. And we won’t nickel and dime you for small overhead costs such as telephone calls, facsimiles, and photocopying. Our profit center is in our professional work, not in making useless photocopies at $0.50 each.

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Your Legal Partner

Our goal in all of this is to provide excellent cost-effective services to emerging growth companies while eliminating many of the perceived and actual abuses in providing and charging for legal services.

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What Do You Need?

We welcome the opportunity to make a presentation to you, and your management, investors, directors or other people making legal services decisions. We are knowledgeable in the hundreds of obstacles encountered by growing companies, we are experienced at what we do, we have a sense of urgency concerning your business, and we are more cost effective than most law firms. The bottom line: We want to be your partner as an important asset, not just an expense, and we want to help you grow.

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