The Corporate Law Group

We’re not like the other guys

We work for you, the founders, not your investors. We can help you avoid the speed bumps and take advantage of the fast lanes. We love helping entrepreneurs pursue their dreams and realize their vision. We can help with protecting intellectual property, forming your business, venture capital, corporate governance, securities, licensing, and employment matters. We believe in free minds, free markets and the creativity in every person. Do you have what it takes to build a company? Do you have a passion? If you’re that person, call us.

Viva Socialism!

There is a lot of talk about socialism these days. We’re for it. We’ve always been opposed to venture capital and we’re looking forward to helping usher in the era of venture socialism. Startups will do so much better without having to convince anyone that they have a good idea, […]

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10,000,000 Patents

The USPTO just issued patent number 10,000,000 (patent numbering was reset in 1836) to Raytheon for, “Coherent Ladar Using Intra-Pixel Quadrature Detection.” In 1991 patent no. 5,000,000 issued. 8 years later, in 1999, patent no, 6,000,000 issued. 7 years after that, in 2006 number 7,000,000 issued. No. 8,000,000 issued 5 […]

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Practical Magic

Some random thoughts, informed by experience, that may help you in your business: 1. Don’t stop innovating. 2. Include a “Work Made for Hire” clause in every contractor agreement so you own (all copyrights in) what they do. 3. Act like your board of directors owes your company its attention […]

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Are ICOs securities offerings? Wrong question. When something new comes along, people frequently wring their hands and wonder where it will fit into the ecosystem they know. Sometimes it seems like the new thing has upended that ecosystem and things will never be the same. Sometimes they’re right. It may […]

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Billion Dollar Mistakes?

We have been concerned about the rule of law. You can start with innocuous stuff like speed limits, drug laws, and immigration laws, which are flouted all the time. But it’s much deeper than that. Silly laws that have put people in prison for felonies, like importing the wrong kind […]

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