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We work for you, the founders, not your investors. We can help you avoid the speed bumps and take advantage of the fast lanes. We love helping entrepreneurs pursue their dreams and realize their vision. We can help with protecting intellectual property, forming your business, venture capital, corporate governance, securities, licensing, and employment matters. We believe in free minds, free markets and the creativity in every person. Do you have what it takes to build a company? Do you have a passion? If you’re that person, call us.

Let’s Pretend Like the Constitution Still Matters

We have another mass shooting so, of course, we are having another debate about guns and the Second Amendment. Our hearts break for all those affected by the incredibly evil guy in Vegas, and our prayers are with all those he affected. With regard to gun control, let’s pretend like […]

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Static v. Dynamic Modeling

Remember the 1993 movie, “Dave” with Kevin Kline? We love that movie. We especially love the scene where Kline calls in his accountant friend (played by Charles Grodin) and they work to cut the US budget to save a program. You can see the clip here. When any of us […]

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Who’s in Charge?

Here’s a repulsive video of a cop arresting nurse Alex Wubbels because she is following a policy to NOT draw blood from a comatose person, not under arrest, without their consent, and without a warrant. We get it. Being a cop is a tough job and they put themselves in […]

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Innisful, Ontario, Canada (pop 36,000) wanted to provide a mass transit solution so that folks who didn’t own cars could get to work. The town was getting pressure from students, seniors, and single car families. They found that one bus route would cost $300,000 and they needed more than one. […]

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Employee Bullies

We are all for employees being treated right. It’s good for business. It’s only right. But being proponents of markets, we’d like to see employees quitting when mistreated; not running to some government agency. Spread the word. Post on Vault, Glassdoor, or Indeed. No employer can withstand such bad employment […]

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