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The New Space Race

The New Space RaceBezos backed Blue Origin has launched a rocket that lands vertically so that it can be reused. Check it out here. It looks like the idea is to detach a capsule full of paying customers. The Buzz thought vertical landings only occurred in black and white Sci-Fi films. Turns out it’s not only possible but highly efficient since you can reuse the rocket rather than throwing it away. So, one point for private industry, innovating because it has to in order to be competitive. Blue Origin is not alone in the private space race, competing with the likes of Elon Musk backed Space X and Richard Branson backed Virgin Galactic.

Granted, no one is going to the moon any time soon. The Ansari X Prize only asked its competitors to reach 100 kilometers above the earth (won by Paul Allen backed aerospace engineer Burt Rutan in 2004) and that is the altitude shown in the Blue Origin video. Low Earth orbit takes at least 160 kilometers and can extend up to 2,000 kilometers, geosynchronous orbit is 35,786 kilometers, and the moon is 406,696 kilometers.

But we rejoice when things are completed by the private sector because that is where sustainable innovation occurs and the burden taken off taxpayers to get interesting stuff done. When the alternative is to throw your vehicle away after each trip (as NASA did) the private sector figures out how to reuse the vehicle and reduce the cost. And you get reduced environmental impact to boot. Where do you recycle an Atlas V?

Not to mention that catering to people who might spend hundreds of thousands of dollars for 4 minutes of weightlessness is a great bow to, as late Buzz Friend Jay Stuart Snelson put it, “The Consumer Bosses.” Doing so guarantees profitability and living to innovate tomorrow. The Buzz can’t wait to see what happens next.