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The Golden Rule

Merry Christmas! 

Everyone knows the Golden Rule.  Every culture, religion, and society, has a version of it.  So, why not practice it?  In your business.  Starting now.

Wouldn’t we all enjoy our lives more if those around us were doing to us, what they’d like done to themselves?  Wouldn’t that transform our world? 

What are we afraid of?  One of our vendors, employees, partners, etc. enjoys our kindness?  Is that so bad?  We’re kind to someone else?   We do more for someone else than they do for us?  Anyone set against that?

We worked with an investor years ago who told us they just wanted each portfolio investment to tell them the bad news.  Everyone experiences bad news.  That is not a surprise to anyone.  They just wanted to know.  But many managers try to hide the bad news.  When it is hidden the investor cannot help them sort it out.      

Growing a business is tough!  Really tough!  The socialists-of-the-hour attack a cartoon character of business.  The greedy cigar-smoking, inhumane, kingpin.  Anyone run in to that person in startup culture.  Yeah, us neither. 

The business folk we know are working hard pursuing the employee-hiring, vendor-scheduling, tax-paying, IP-creating, market-disrupting reality of most start-ups.  Because most people are ignorant as to what that takes to create something out of nothing, they have no idea how much Golden Rule application would make all of our jobs easier.

So the next time you face a problem.  Can’t make payroll, product development problems, patent app failure, lose money, employees quit, etc. ask yourself what you’d want to have happen if you were on the other side of that problem.  Apply the Golden Rule.  Pay it forward.  Care about the other person.  And see what happens.

Merry Christmas!!