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Own What You Love

Own What You LoveNow we’re going to make a few brokers mad. Three year old startup Loyal3 is working to democratize investing. Their investors include Shaq. They want everyone to be able to simply, inexpensively, buy stock in the companies they love and whose products and services they use. It’s simple to sign up, they invite customers to start with just $10, they work out ownership of fractional shares (which issuers generally don’t like to track), and they charge no fees. Another very cool thing is that Loyal3 sometimes gets allocations of stock for IPOs, as they did for Square’s IPO today. Now you can be a Wall Street mogul. They say that they have worked out deals with the issuers (likely assisting with direct ownership programs), so it is all free to the user. The company choices are limited but include Disney, Amazon, Facebook, and Twitter, among others. We love it. We’ve never understood occupiers railing against the “corporations” while wearing and using the swag made by those corporations. Someone making “obscene profits”? Buy some of their stock and help yourself to your share. Be the company that you love. Be an owner, not a victim. We think this is good for everyone. And there is data that suggests that small investors do not flip IPO stock as quickly as institutions. We say, “Check it out.”