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Jazz, Hiromi, and Simon Philips

jazz-hiromi-and-simon-philipsJazz pianist Hiromi has been touring with a trio including British drummer Simon Phillips. The Buzz caught their show at Yoshi’s in Oakland. One of the really great things about jazz is that while playing, the musicians communicate and that was on display between Hiromi and Phillips. For a sample click here.

As she was improvising, she’d start playing triplets or a sixteenth note run or play really softly. And whatever she did Phillips answered. In real time. While playing. Sometimes really fast. If you were looking for that question and answer, or statement and response, it was everywhere. And you could see them doing it.

While Hiromi is playing runs up and down the piano, or banging out a left handed pattern while keeping her right free for a blues lick, she’s watching Phillips the entire time. And as he’s driving the beat with all four limbs he’s looking back waiting for her to act so that he can join her. And then they both smile because they know that they are speaking a language in which few are fluent.

What if your business could get clues like that from your stakeholders. Your customers. Not only in real time, but in double time? And not just react, but react on the fly while doing a bunch of other complicated things? Do you watch for those clues? Instant communication; improvisation; sometimes soloing; coming back together for the melody; jazz holds a lot of lessons for business.