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Let’s Pretend Like the Constitution Still Matters

We have another mass shooting so, of course, we are having another debate about guns and the Second Amendment.

Our hearts break for all those affected by the incredibly evil guy in Vegas, and our prayers are with all those he affected.

With regard to gun control, let’s pretend like the Constitution still matters. If we don’t like something about it let’s amend it. Michael Moore hit on this and is proposing something. Build consensus. Change minds. Do the hard work. It’s super lazy to just say, “Let’s ban guns,” but that’s maximum effort for most politicians.

We used to treat the Constitution like it mattered. Should 18 year old women vote? Bam, Amendments 26 and 19. Tax the hell out of individuals regardless of which state they are in. Bam, Amendment 16. Slavery wrong? Bam, Amendment 13. Booze bad? Bam, Amendment 18. Whoops, Booze fine? Bam, Amendment 21.

“But,” you say, “Sometimes amendments fail?” Yes. That’s how it’s supposed to work. Can’t build consensus? Can’t change minds? No amendment. Try harder.

Want US Titles of Nobility? Tough. That amendment failed. No amendment number because, well, it failed. (Though technically it’s still pending). The 11th Congress passed it on May 1, 1810. (They were no smarter then than they are now). Love the idea? Get another 26 states to ratify it and, Bam; Titles of Nobility.

Want Congress to regulate labor of persons under 18 years of age? That amendment failed and is still pending too. Passed by Congress in 1924 in response to a couple of Supreme Court Rulings. Kind of laughable now, since Congress did that in a thousand different ways.

In the past, when we pretended like the Constitution sill mattered, things like abortion and same sex marriage, possibly divisive issues, would have been decided by Constitutional amendment. Abortion was well on its way toward universal legalization anyhow.

Gun rights? Legalize pot? Term limits? Abolish congress? Etherium as the coin of the realm? Let’s pretend like the Constitution still matters and amend it. Do the hard work. Build consensus. Change minds. Amend the Constitution. Everything else is lazy.