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Corporations v. Government

The Buzz tries not to get too political, we enjoy the diversity of thought that comes with everything from communists to anarchists, but we hear more and more complaints about “corporations” and we don’t understand it. Now, we admit, we kind of like business, and kind of distrust government. And, of course, corporations come in all sizes. When people complain about “corporations” we think they mean really big ones that they don’t like. Not their friend’s 501(c)(3) or their uncle’s wholly owned consulting corporation. And, hello, “corporation” is in our name, so what’s not to love? But, what can a corporation do to you? Crummy employer? Quit. Product breaks? Don’t buy it. Making “obscene profits”? Buy their stock and share in those profits. Board is evil? Sell their stock or vote them out. So what’s the problem? After all, our standard of living was produced by the hard work of businesses, not government. Government never really produces one job unless it takes money from you to pay for that job. One could argue that some musicians or athletes make “really obscene profits” but as long as I am free to not buy their music, attend their games, or go to their concerts, what do I care what they make? Everyone but government is in the “contract“ business, they can’t make you do anything you don’t want to do; government is in the “coercion” business. Put on your bike helmet, buckle your seat belt, file this, stop here, or it’ll take your money away. We’ll take corporations any day.
— Paul Marotta

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