The Corporate Law Group

Who’s in Charge?

Here’s a repulsive video of a cop arresting nurse Alex Wubbels because she is following a policy to NOT draw blood from a comatose person, not under arrest, without their consent, and without a warrant.

We get it. Being a cop is a tough job and they put themselves in danger. We agree that, as in almost any profession (politicians?) most people are doing a good job for the sake of doing a good job. But this is what WE get when we don’t demand better. We. You and I, own this society. Is this the best we can do? If not, let’s demand that those who abuse us go. Fired. Gone. “Career change.”

When will we demand that the folks who we accept carrying guns, do a better job? We’re in charge. Everyone else serves at our pleasure. Let’s demand it is so. Your actions are captured on camera like this guy; Jeff Payne. And the commander he claims ordered the blood draw. James Tracy. Jeff? James? Career change guys.

Even worse here, the innocent unconscious man was driving a truck that was hit by a man fleeing a high speed chase. Most people think the cops wanted to draw blood in the hopes of finding something to help defend a lawsuit regarding the high speed pursuit damages they caused.

We’ve written here before that the, “reasonable expectation of privacy,” the 4th Amendment guarantees (regarding unreasonable searches and seizures) is totally in our control. Whatever we in society say and act on, as a reasonable expectation of privacy, determines whether what is done violates that expectation of not.

Let’s take control. Demand control. It’s our society. Not some politician or police chief. They tell us what to do only with our consent. Here they lost that right. Why are we consenting? Why put up with Jeff Payne? Or James Tracy? As far as I’m concerned they lost the right to hold a gun in my neighborhood. I can’t breathe. They’re not in charge. You are.