The Corporate Law Group

Employee Bullies

We are all for employees being treated right. It’s good for business. It’s only right. But being proponents of markets, we’d like to see employees quitting when mistreated; not running to some government agency. Spread the word. Post on Vault, Glassdoor, or Indeed. No employer can withstand such bad employment publicity that no one wants to work for them.

But the state causes workers to think they are powerless. To disbelieve that markets work. To see themselves as victims. And its actions have done something else, something uniformly harmful to employees and employers. It’s created a false narrative that anyone with a workplace grievance just won the lottery.

Boss mean to you one day? Stop working hard and challenge them to fire you. You know that as soon as they do, you can cry foul and get paid. But it rarely works out that way. All too frequently you end up getting a few months’ wages max and now you need another job. And now, in that same labor market you could have input to, you may now be the one seen as the problem.

This false narrative is at its worst when employees challenge wage and hour rules and their lawyers look to get paid under a so-called, “private attorney general theory.” Now your employer has to pay millions because you put your hat on at home or you helped out a co-worker on the way into work and clocked in later. The only ones getting rich there are the lawyers. Trust us. How many class actions have you received notice you were part of? What did you get? Fifty cents off the purchase of a new car?

Don’t get us wrong. Some employers suck. They deserve to go under. They mistreat everyone. But don’t be an employee bully. Don’t try to ride the gravy train. Got a bad employer? Call him an asshat and quit. Then tell everyone you know what he is.