The Corporate Law Group

Practical Magic

Some random thoughts, informed by experience, that may help you in your business:

1. Don’t stop innovating.

2. Include a “Work Made for Hire” clause in every contractor agreement so you own (all copyrights in) what they do.

3. Act like your board of directors owes your company its attention and require members’ involvement.

4. Read, or skim, each of your contracts once a month to make sure everyone (especially you) is performing.

5. File a trademark registration application on anything you use as branding: Words, logos, phrases, colors, pictures, scents, etc.

6. Act like you’re a steward for your investors’ money and keep them updated on the wins and the losses.

7. Don’t use an employee handbook unless you live in it every single day and do everything it requires.

8. Be honest and require honesty.

9. Encourage your customers to tell you what is wrong with your product so that you can make it better.

10. If you really invent something, patent it, despite the $50,000 cost.

11. Whenever you sell stock, lease property, loan money, etc. get consent from your board of directors.

12. Try really hard not to sue, but know that you are only half that equation.

13. Employ all employees, “at will,” and don’t ever say anything contradictory with that.

14. Almost all NDA’s are fine and protect against use or disclosure, but make sure there is no term on your NDA; as long as you keep it secret, so should they.

15. If you get mixed up in litigation know that it is a war of many battles.

16. Love your employees, love your customers, and love your investors.