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Doing Good Through Your Occupation

Do Good WorkThere is a lot of talk these days (all of it we love) about doing good work in addition to pursuing your business. We agree. But never discount doing good by pursuing your business well.

Tom’s of Maine says, “We’ve always believed that our goals should include more than just making a profit. We have also worked to operate in a sustainable manner and to be a positive force for good in the communities where we operate.” That’s super, but they also make a great toothpaste or no one would buy it or, for that matter, much care that they operate in a sustainable manner. And operating in a sustainable manner is also good publicity, so there is a business reason to do so in the first place.

Whole Foods says, “As part of the local and global community, Whole Foods Market has programs that create economic partnerships with the poor, support schools in providing nutrition education, and offer low interest loans to small local producers.” Again, super. But they also sell wholesome food frequently not available elsewhere.

Not to discredit any of these concerns, ideas, or projects. They are all great. They are all worthy of the time and attention put into them and more. We’re just saying that working really hard to provide the best product or service has to come first and is arguably more important. Without satisfying a market you won’t have the freedom to do good work.

And no one wants a poorly made smart phone even if the phone was made sustainably. So, no shame in being really good at your business even if you aren’t donating to another worthy cause. If you are making hamburgers, make really great burgers because a single mom may have had a really rough day and they and their kids need burgers made really well. If you are selling auto parts work hard to get the customer the right part. They may be trying to rebuild a ’71 GTO as a surprise for their 15 year old son.

Every time you do a great job, at your job, you love your customer. We are all customers and we all love getting the right product and great service. Your customers are thankful that you care about them and are there for them. First emulate Ben & Jerry’s ice cream; then you can emulate their social consciousness. Don’t be shy about working really hard to create exactly what we all want. It is good work and we appreciate it.