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Start-Up Ideas: 3D Printing

The Buzz believes that there are more opportunities available to entrepreneurs now than in almost any time in our history. When innovation is allowed to bloom, we pursue hundreds of interesting ideas, any of which can change our society. One of those right opportunities now is 3D printing.

3D Printing creates opportunities in everything from consumer products (toys and jewelry), to medical applications (prosthetics and drugs), to art (sculpture and modeling, including for film), to architecture (design and prototyping). There are even multiple 3D food printers in development.

And that is only counting things that are printed. Maker communities that rent out use of printers; sales and servicing of the printers themselves; CAD drawings, distribution and replication of customer printed objects are each a separate industry.

Who’s involved? A lot of folks. Just a few include:

Makerarm is trying to build a personal fabrication system.
Desktop Metal raised over $95M to build scalable 3D metal printing.
Human Eyes is applying 3D printing to VR.
Xometry offers manufacturing on demand.
Feetz is printing footwear.
Already public, Nano Dimensions allows 3D printed circuit boards using printed nano inks.
BeeVeryCreative makes an entry level 3D printer.
NV Bots connects any maker to any printer in any material.

‘Nuff said. Get to it!