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Liberty Balls

26We’ve discussed Buckyballs here before, those super charged tiny magnet balls that 1 in 100,000 users ingested, sometimes causing internal bleeding as the balls sought each other; AND this despite copious warnings to keep them away from children. So now the CPSC, having bankrupted the company, is targeting its founder for personal liability for $57 million in recall costs. Even the Huffington Post noted that the product was magnitudes less risky than dogs, tennis, skateboarding, and common household chemicals. But in their quest for a bubble wrapped life the regulators need to punish everyone who strays into any zone creative. If you’re really good at it, it’s the FTC and antitrust; if you stray from the acceptable, it’s the FBI and drug laws, if anyone misuses it, it’s the CPSC. When founder Craig Zucker found himself in the cross hairs of the CPSC, according to Reason Magazine he, “went on a publicity rampage to save Buckyballs. Zucker’s company even created a poster encouraging supporters to give CPSC Chairwoman Inez Tennenbaum a ring on her ‘psychic hotline,’ a reference to how the CPSC claims to have reviewed Maxfield & Oberton’s Corrective Action Plan for Buckyballs less than 24 hours after it was submitted, which the company called ‘plain spooky.'” Now, because he didn’t genuflect properly and kiss their ring, the CPSC is targeting him personally (the first time it’s ever done that) and he has created Freedom Balls just to pay his legal bills. We say get some balls (Freedom that is) and tell the CPSC you already have a mom.

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