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It’s Apparently Not Your Body After All

DonutsCan you still eat donuts? We’re going to take children from parents and vaccinate them and we’re going to sue the parents of a 17 year old girl who has made her own choice to not undergo chemo-therapy and force her to endure chemo. We’re all about science but we’re more about freedom. And we’re also about limits to what your government can do to you. Let’s be clear; no Luddite us, the Buzz kids were all vaccinated. Would the Buzz choose chemo-therapy? Not sure about that one. We’re not positive that intentionally selectively poisoning your own body won’t someday be classified with bleeding with leeches. To us these are not science questions; they are civil rights questions. The first problem with a government making these sorts of decisions is what could come next. I’m not sure having Josef Mengele making my health care decisions is such a great idea. And we love fluoridated water but who’s to stop someone from putting something in that syringe to keep you docile, consuming, and voting pro-government. The second problem is that we are a pluralistic society. In our society “not living the maximum possible length of time” should be a choice we can make. To some, “living as long as possible,” is an unworthy goal and many many things are much more important. Why destroy our choice in this? Third, as with any ill-thought government program (all of them?) the unintended consequences and newly created problems are legion. Are we going to stick a needle in the arm of every person entering our country unless they can prove they have the right medical papers? After all, measles was wiped out here but has mysteriously reappeared. We doubt that it was spontaneous generation. More likely it was an unvaccinated, but infected, person entering our country. So we expand an old battle cry, “Hey, government, get your hands off our bodies!” Go ahead and eat those donuts as an act of protest.