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Due Process, Glass Houses, and Stones

We are devolving our society to a judgmental, humorless, forgiveless, game of “gotcha!”  Anyone celebrating that?  Not us.  If only more of us would withhold judgment until we know more, that might be good.  Maybe the right answer when a reporter shoves a microphone in our face is, “Don’t know enough.”  And how much better for those who comment prematurely.  Less walking comments back.  Less egg on faces.  Less rush to judgment.

And this instant justice, however wrong, does away with all inquiry, due process, and skepticism.  Sorry to say it but folks lie.  Lawyers know this.  Everyone knows it.  Folks lie about all kinds of stuff.  Especially embarrassing stuff.   

But even when folks think they are telling the truth, sometimes they see things differently.  Rashomon anyone?  The blind men and the elephant?  So some healthy questioning is frequently helpful to ferret out the truth.  Even if we think we know of what we speak.

One latest victim of this culture of gotcha is Justin Fairfax.  Before that was Brett Kavanaugh.  When we rush to judgment we discount our traditions of justice.  And we get it, politics and impeachment are not courts, they’re both dirty.  But let’s be fair.  To everyone.  The truth is more important than all of our feelings and politics. 

And who are these angels throwing stones?  Ever make a mistake?  Us too.  Want forgiveness?  Forgive first.  Want grace?  Give grace.  Perfect?  Go ahead and start tossing stones.

But we live in glass houses and aren’t interested in throwing the first one.  If it matters, let a jury decide.  They aren’t great but they do as well as anyone.  After getting all the facts.  

And the rush on social media to lionize or demonize others due to some perceived belief they have or aspect of theirs is just as wrong.  Trans, overweight, disabled, Prius, Indian, pickup, Rap, Dutch, Country, MAGA, Christian, Jewish, dark brown, albino, K Pop, Muslim, etc. does not define everything about anyone.  We are all individuals, each with very diverse drives, thoughts, experiences, loves, etc.  Putting people in boxes is prejudgment pure and simple.  It’s evil.

So how about a kinder society?  Which forgives and gives grace to those who see things differently.  Which sees us as individuals, not defined by some externality.  Which offers grace.  Which listens.  Which seeks truth.  And which forgives.