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We’re not like the other guys

We work for you, the founders, not your investors. We can help you avoid the speed bumps and take advantage of the fast lanes. We love helping entrepreneurs pursue their dreams and realize their vision. We can help with protecting intellectual property, forming your business, venture capital, corporate governance, securities, licensing, and employment matters. We believe in free minds, free markets and the creativity in every person. Do you have what it takes to build a company? Do you have a passion? If you’re that person, call us.

Great Time to Be Alive

Each age has its own innovations, advances, and technological miracles. The 1700’s brought us bifocal glasses from Benjamin Franklin, the cotton gin from Eli Whitney, the piano, time zones, mayonnaise (to the horror of at least one Buzz daughter), and the sandwich. The 1800’s came with braille, the can (fortunately […]

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B Corporation Etsy

Etsy is going public. Etsy helps people sell handmade goods across the globe. It is a so-called B Corporation, a corporation that may legally consider things other than profit. As with many things, B corporations elevate style over substance, but their goals are good. Corporations have always been able to […]

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Currency Controls

It had to happen. A country with a shaky economy tries to prevent use of bitcoin as a means of currency control. As people flee your currency, you drag them back into it. That’s exactly what Russia is doing right now. Due to technological advances in oil drilling (thank you, […]

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$100 Minimum Wage

We love markets and we don’t have so much love for people making up stuff to replace markets. Markets is all of us. People making up stuff is not all of us, it’s some of us telling all of us what to do, so that’s not our favorite. Politicians setting […]

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Turf Protection

People don’t like disruption. It’s so disruptive after all. Andy Grove speaks of “strategic inflection points” in his book Only the Paranoid Survive. Strategic inflection points are disruptive and you can either ride the disruption, oppose the disruption, or die by the disruption. Unfortunately our society more and more frequently […]

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