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We work for you, the founders, not your investors. We can help you avoid the speed bumps and take advantage of the fast lanes. We love helping entrepreneurs pursue their dreams and realize their vision. We can help with protecting intellectual property, forming your business, venture capital, corporate governance, securities, licensing, and employment matters. We believe in free minds, free markets and the creativity in every person. Do you have what it takes to build a company? Do you have a passion? If you’re that person, call us.

Fear of What If

Being a Trojan family [please hold the brickbats] we recently listened to Will Ferrell’s commencement speech delivered to the USC class of 2017. Fortunately it was a bit more entertaining than much commencement drivel. But Ferrell said one thing in particular that got our attention.

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The Excesses of Capitalism

We know many friends and colleagues who are celebrating the election of Emmanuel Macron as French President. But we were disturbed when Macron said that it was time to cure the, “excesses of capitalism”. We know what supporters heard. Do something about income inequality. Tax rich folks more. Justice for […]

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Controlling Costs

What controls costs? That is a big question in our country today regarding healthcare. Seemingly out of control costs are bankrupting our government (which spends 50% of each healthcare dollar through Medicare and Medicaid and the VA). And if you actually pay for your own healthcare (you are “self-pay”) massive […]

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Start-Up Ideas: 3D Printing

The Buzz believes that there are more opportunities available to entrepreneurs now than in almost any time in our history. When innovation is allowed to bloom, we pursue hundreds of interesting ideas, any of which can change our society. One of those right opportunities now is 3D printing. 3D Printing […]

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Legal Writing

You may have noticed that lawyers don’t write like other people. Some lawyers think this is a good thing. They think they are being precise, when frequently they are just being long winded. It is as if they billed by the word (which they kind of do when you think […]

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