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We work for you, the founders, not your investors. We can help you avoid the speed bumps and take advantage of the fast lanes. We love helping entrepreneurs pursue their dreams and realize their vision. We can help with protecting intellectual property, forming your business, venture capital, corporate governance, securities, licensing, and employment matters. We believe in free minds, free markets and the creativity in every person. Do you have what it takes to build a company? Do you have a passion? If you’re that person, call us.

Good Board Meeting Practices

11 thoughts on good board meeting practices: 1. Three weeks before the meeting decide on the agenda items, number of option shares to be granted and vesting measurement dates for recent hires, and whether or not the meeting follows a quarterly or annual financial close. 2. Assemble financials since the […]

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The New Space Race

Bezos backed Blue Origin has launched a rocket that lands vertically so that it can be reused. Check it out here. It looks like the idea is to detach a capsule full of paying customers. The Buzz thought vertical landings only occurred in black and white Sci-Fi films. Turns out […]

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Own What You Love

Now we’re going to make a few brokers mad. Three year old startup Loyal3 is working to democratize investing. Their investors include Shaq. They want everyone to be able to simply, inexpensively, buy stock in the companies they love and whose products and services they use. It’s simple to sign […]

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The Self-Made Score

Forbes recently published its annual list of the 400 wealthiest people. We suggest you don’t put a whole lot of credence in this sort of thing. Any list like this is subject to all sorts of manipulation. Chuck Feeney (the billionaire founder of Duty Free Shops, not the former SF […]

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Is Dan Price Good for Employees?

Dan Price had a revelation and decided to pay all of his employees $70,000 per year. He had been making $1.1 million and calculated that it would cost him $1.8 million a year to do that. He cut his own pay to $70,000 and cashed in some investments and invested […]

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